Dissertation Review

Review at dissertationreviews.org

by Robert Moorehead

Michael Orlando Sharpe, of CUNY’s York College, has graciously posted a review of my dissertation on dissertationreviews.org. Dissertation Reviews is a great site that offers reviews of recently defended, unpublished dissertations. Currently, the site focuses on dissertations related to Asia, particularly China, Japan, and Korea.

The reviews cover the main insights offered by the dissertations, the intellectual grounding of the authors’ arguments, and prospects for future development of the projects. In addition, the reviewers offer private feedback for the authors.

Getting the word out about our work is challenging, and this site enables us to spread the word and make contact with other scholars who do similar work. If you recently filed your dissertation or are close to filing, this site can be a helpful tool in informing others of your work. And be sure to return the favor and sign up as a reviewer.

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