Homeless behind the success

Zainichi is now one part of Japan. Not like as past, the Zainichi`s status changed a lot in decades. The reasons for that, we can raise high popularity of Kpop singers, actor and actresses recently. Korean culture became poplar in Japan and those affected Japanese change their images to Korean. Compare to the past, now some of Japanese admire Korean and visits Korea tons of times. Not only that Korean entertainment movement, the real Zainichi success in Japan affected many to take a look at the situation of Zainichi. Not only to Japanese but also Korean as well. Here I want to discuss two successful Zainichi, Masayoshi Son, the CEO of Softbank;the biggest mobile phone industry, and Chungsung, Lee; soccer player.

Masayoshi Son is now inevitable character when we discuss Japan`s economy. Outstanding planning and design for advertisement made successful development of Softbank. Many books are sold which tells the stories of Masayoshi. He is 3rd generation Zainichi. His grandfather compulsory moved to Japan. Like the other Zainichi, Masayoshi also bullied from other Japanese children. However, his father always told his son, Masayoshi, that he could do anything and he is the best. This great education made him strong and leads him to study abroad in USA. He then, it was the first time in his lifetime which he faced equal society. In the USA, all the people are treated same and they were estimated by their abilities not their nationalities. In the circumstance, Masayoshi can concentrate on studying IT and economy, which lead the one of the top company in Japan

Chunsung Lee, is also the Zainichi. Unlike Masayoshi, he has faced more discrimination. That was because he raised as he is Korean, he endured every tackles of Japanese. However, when he could enter Korean team, Korean pointed him as Japanese as using the word “Chokbari”; the bad word used in Korea when criticizing Japanese. He then shocked from the reality. What he had believed to be his country did not welcome him. He was in the other words, homeless. He belonged nowhere. Now, he came back to Japan.

Those two successful people tell us that why Japan and Korean cannot catch up USA and lack of knowledge among Zainichi. In reality, Korean does not handle about Zainichi problem in children education. Sometimes media focus them, however sooner or later they are forgettable. It is a very sad reality. Therefore, there is no way but more Zainichi to learn and successful and become inevitable characters in Japan like those two, who have very influential on every movement and saying.

son jungwee -http://100.naver.com/100.nhn?docid=777197

by. Sujin Kim


One thought on “Homeless behind the success

  1. I think your blog post is very interesting. Kpop and other TV show like “Fuyonosonata” is famous in Japan.
    In the United States, there are a lot of race and they are respected by others. In addition, they have special classes for minority. These things and their tolerance made a lot of race live easier. Teachers in the USA treat people equally. On the other hand, in Japan we have the amigo room and JSL classes but their teachers are unskilled and untrained. I don’t know about Korea though.

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