The Differences between Sex and Gender

In these days, the meaning of sex and gender are regarded as the same thing. I am not sure which one I usually use and I thought that they have exactly the same meaning before I took this class.  Sociologist created the differences between sex and gender so as to make it clear the social role of gender in society.  I think I am going to discuss gender and sex from biological and sociological aspects.

Generally, the creatures living on the earth are usually divided into two or more categories called sex. Typically, sex is defined as male and female. This definition is created by biological and physiological aspect. For example, men generally have more massive bones than women, or men usually have Adam’s apple while women do not. In this perspective, everyone can be recognized from this figure.  However, this point of view would create the distinction.

From those points of view, sociologist made the differences obvious by creating the meaning of gender. Gender refers to the social norms, behaviors, and activities that a given society considers appropriate for men and women. Gender is an inner feeling whether you are man, woman, both, neither, or somewhere between men and women. Gender role is kind of expectation to some extent. For example, in most countries, suppose one men and women have exactly the same job, women earn less than man, or women do more housework than men do. These are the typical social norms or expected things for men or women.

However, this expectation for each gender sometimes makes prejudices on the people who think that s/he is feels between the men and women.

From my point of view, I think every kind of gender like men, women, or between should be accepted in this society.  In order to do so, I believe it is important to understand the differences between sex and gender so that you may be able to fit in the society.

by Shoya Tai

One thought on “The Differences between Sex and Gender

  1. This was one of the things I thought same as well. At first, I thought sex and gender was the same, but turned out to be not. So, the idea is that sex is the physical or the biological differences and the gender is the inner of behaviors and/or social norms. Then I thought that what this means is that a person can have an opposite gender of their sex. For example, with a sex of female, she might wear a boyish cloths or act like the male by speaking like them or something. This will go against the gender role and will be different from what the society is thinking of. Also, as Shoya said, I believe that instead of denying such gender difference or even sex difference, the society should open up more. Bringing this up to the point, in Japan, its gender role is changing because some of the men are dressing up as women, so if this is okay, then there should be nothing to hide for the gender differences. Therefore, I think Shoya doesn’t need to worry about people not fitting into society.
    Cody Ueda

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