Help Wanted!

Nowadays, jobs are hard to come by in Japan. Even if people graduate from university, they are jobless. Then what is going on in other countries?

In India, a shortage of executioners is serious problem now. There is capital punishment, and executioner is a hereditary post because India has caste system. There are one people in each state. But young people do not want to be it. In many countries, an executioner was victimized by society and strongly discriminated against in terms of jobs or marriage; therefore the role of executioner was usually limited to a specific social group or clan, and it is said that this is a reason for normalizing heredity.

There are 350 condemned criminals in India, but capital punishment has not been executed since 2004. So some of executioners did not work. Because of this, the number of it decreased. However, because of public pressure that capital punishment should be done, so the Indian government will have execution during the ensuing months.

A man who were born in a house of executioner, and his father who was same as him: an executioner died last year, so he succeeded his father following his death. If he can use rope well, a condemned person can die without pain. So he practices using it.

But there are few people who have positive feelings of wanting to be an executioner as him.

If you were born in that family, do you succeed it? In my case, honesty, I do not want to be it. After all, many people will not want to get a job which takes a one’s life.  For each country, the problem or environment of work is big different. Actually, the economy is in a depression, but there is such a job: the government recruits in the world.

by Ayaka Hori

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