Problems Come Along with Overseas Domestic Labor

When I was young, both of my parents have to work until late night every day. If there wasn’t a maid who looked after me, my parents wouldn’t have been being succeed in their career. She was my friend ,my guardian , she spent time with me and take care of my daily life, also the house work. However, one day she told me that she has to go back to her home country to prepare for the wedding ceremony. Since then, I realized that she also has family and friends in the corner of the world. I don’t know where Philippines was, I also don’t know she also has another life somewhere outside this country.

After that, every time I saw a maid working on the street with one child, I will think who can they talk with if they are feeling homesick? Since one family need a maid is mainly because normally parents are busy and they have a child that don’t have time to take care of. Parents are normally don’t paid much attention on how she feel but just the work she had done for that day.

They are normally being low paid, one of the main reasons is the living index of their home country is lower, as getting the low paid salary in the country they are working for is being high paid compare with their own country. Being a minority group working in a country, do they have the right to enjoy the welfare provide by the country they worked for? Some of them might have worked long enough to become citizen in the country; do they have the same right as the normal citizen?

Most of the domestic labors are women, they worked for others family, doing housework that is not belong to their own family. More often they have to take care child, if they are married and have child they couldn’t even being able to take care of their own child. They are one of the minority group that we should pay more attention on to.

by Chi Lun Cheng

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