Philippines brought to Japan

In the Philippine, human trafficking is often carried out. A lot of people come from the Philippine to Japan throughout human trafficking although this is illegal. Let me show what the slave trade is.

First, the means of human traffic are various. A group of gangsters threatens Philippine women, commits fraud on them, does kidnapping, and forces them to obey a gangster.

Second, there are three kinds of organizations which are recruiting Philippine females, transporting them from the Philippine to Japan, and mediating them for working in Japan. At that time, a feeling of Philippine woman herself is neglected.

Third, Philippine females are compelled to have a visa. To gain the visa, Philippine women are forced to pretend to be an entertainer or get married to Japanese man in disguise.

Fourth, there are a lot of sorts of labors Philippine females are made to do; for example, the sex industry, domestic chores, begging, a farm and fishery, labor on the mine, manufacturing of clothes and stationaries, an adopted child, and transplantation of the liver or the cornea. Especially, I’ll talk about prostitution in detail in the next paragraph.

Fifth, in the case of Philippine women who were sold to a Japanese company of selling sex, the owner in the company make the women pay the bills for buying the women, by pressing the amount billed on her as their debt to the company. The women have to keep working until they finish up cleaning off all their large amount of debts. However, their net incomes are very few because of strict fines and exploitation by the company. Then, it takes a long time to pay all their debts.

Sixth, nowadays, the regulation for the slave trade got reinforced relatively. Strange companies are examined, but insufficient evidences make arresting the criminals more difficult. There are a few occasions of arresting them actually. Also, further issue is that the aim is not to rescue the victims but to catch the criminals.

For these processes, the severe incidents are still occurring in Japan though they have been decreasing recently. I suppose that such a human trafficking won’t completely be gone because doing such a slave trade can make the people do this rich at the very high probability. I feel sorry for the victims, and simultaneously, I feel ashamed of this Japanese act of cruelty very much.

by Akimi Yano

2 thoughts on “Philippines brought to Japan

  1. Though I knew that a little but the problem is more sever than I thought. I expect many Japanese don’t know that Japan eccept such slave trade, either. Our ignorance is the profound problem as well.
    As you write, Philippine women are forced to get married to Japanese man in disguise. Do you know what kind of Japanese men would get married? Most of the men are poor day laborers or homeless people because they can get some money by doing it.
    I think this system make poor Japanese and Philipio victims of such unscrupulous businesses and also, the victims encourage the businesses unconsciously.
    It makes a big vicious circle. We should learn about it more and all Japanese have to be conscious of it.

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