“Would you marry me?” International or inter…what?

Marriage officially gives us the status of connection with somebody. It is more like an addition of something else. Sometimes it gives a different status to somebody. Thus, it is even possible to transform somebody to “another” person through a marriage.

As an example which can obviously gives somebody different status, international marriage can be examined. Some might change their family name to an “unfamiliar” one. Their children might look “different” in some ways. Their marriage life itself might be culturally and socially mixed, as well. Their family connection would include something “different” from “ordinary” ones. Some would say it is difficult to get married with somebody from other countries, because of the complexity of cultural and social background that both s/he has.

However, is that type of complexity found only in such an international context? Is there no opportunity when those something “different” arises? It actually exists, hidden in the shade of this Japanese society, in the issue related to Buraku. There is a history that people from Buraku have faced to marriage discrimination. They have faced to the discrimination across various fields; here I focus on the issue related to marriage.

 As it is mentioned above, marriage creates something “different” around spouses. Particularly, if it is the marriage between Buraku people and Non-Buraku people, these something “different” often hit them. Marriage gives “different” status on the spouse as s/he has a relationship with Buraku. Their children would be included into that structure, although they do not look different from others or they might not know until they grow up. Even spouses family would be included into this structure, since they would be, for example, ‘parents of a person who have a direct connection with Buraku’. Though there would be much more of examples clarifying discrimination, it is quite comprehensive to see how the impact of marriage between a person from Buraku and not. There are so many cases of tragedies such as suicide.

 Then, what is that something “different”?

 Is this International? –No.

Is that Inter-racial? –No?

Or is that intercultural? –…?

It is basically from the social, cultural, and even historical background of somebody. It is not because of personal failure that the person made; rather it is created by society. So it is possible to say that marriage discrimination towards people from Buraku is quite irrational.

But is it really irrational?

We can see in this way: if the one from outside Buraku married with the one from Buraku, it affects badly in her/his life. Thus, s/he gives up the marriage for their better life. This is a RATIONAL way, isn’t it?

This might be one of the reasons why the marriage discrimination towards people from Buraku still exists. As the discrimination itself is quite irrational amongst the personal life but rational amongst society, how should we consider this issue? Can you marry with people of non-/Buraku? If so (or not), how do you deal with the problem on your life?

by Anonymous

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