In the past, there was intense Burakusabetsu especially in Osaka that means people who are not Burakumin discriminate against Burakumin. Brakumin has lived on the lower ground and specific regions and had unique patterns on their family name. At that time, animal’s blood was taboo, so Buraku people handled such a situation and got meats and hides of animals in the Buraku area. All dirty things are pushed to the Buraku people, so that people who are not Burakumin don’t have to do and even see any dirty things.

Today, there are less Burakusabetsu relatively, but some envy of Burakumin who were segregated in the past because they now get favors from the government as a compensation of the past. Others say to their children as a part of discipline that they shouldn’t   make friends with Buraku children. In some schools, teachers teach students Burakusabetsu as part of class, and the teachers sometimes say that they don’t want to teach this because this is not modern but past affair.

It is true there are less Burakusabetsu, but definitely this exists. Some people say it’s because of the education about Burakusabetsu and adults shouldn’t teach children Burakusabetsu which is just past issue. People living nearby the Buraku area are taught about Burakusabetsu either by parents or by teachers, but people not living nearby the Buraku area are not taught about it at all because it’s not necessary. I’ m also not the exception of it. It is not until I moved from Hiroshima to Kyoto and entered this university that I learned Burakusabetsu, for there were not any Burakusabetsu around my region. It seems that some people are the same as me.

Then, is it okay to quit education about Burakusabetsu? I don’t think so. It is wrong to annul something previously done. I agree with education about Burakusabetsu if teachers add some more resources to it. As a fieldwork, students should visit the Buraku area, investigate not until partial knowledge but until enough entire knowledge, and consider what people have to do from now on, so that people will never repeat the stupid discrimination.

by Akimi Yano

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