Multiculturalism a failed sociological phenomenon?

The answer straight away: No.

The most dynamic nations regarding economy, science and arts on this earth are multicultural.

This includes nations like the the USA, Israel, Canada, Australia and almost all EU countries and. Additional to this you also can see China and other emerging powers like India or Brazil as quite multicultural.

 As contrast: Anywhere where one “authoritarian culture” tries to block all the cultural influences from outside, stagnation and decline is more likely.

You can see that in most Arab countries, North Korea, Pakistan and in general, in areas where one group tries to ideologically or religiously particularly stay “clean”.

Not to long ago, many heads of states with a multicultural policy -mainly in Europe- declared their political approach as failed.

Since I am from Germany, let us focus on this case.

To quote Chancellor Merkel: multiculturalism had ‘failed utterly’.

Yet, it is more concrete that there is a long history of success, which just needs a new adjusted framework, not only to support immigration and migration but also challenges its participants and prevent parallel society-system within a state!
Nowadays one out of five people in Germany has foreign roots and the proportion of people with foreign origin is increasing – and so is the need for more money for education.

This was completely clear from the beginning!

An economist could tell you this without thinking. With the target to make profit, you need to invest your money.

The history of Germany always was, is and will be characterized by German citizens emigrating or foreigners immigrating. This can be for work, housing, marriage, wealth and cultural reasons.

In addition to that the first half of the 20th century with its millions of forced migrations during and following the two world wars created a even more multicultural society, which was working very well.

Learning from that, the key of multiculturalism comes from the efforts, not to separate but to integrate and still provide freedom for own cultural aspects.
Only then, when there was a successful integration, the enrichment opportunities due to multiculturalism can be realized.

by Anonymous

4 thoughts on “Multiculturalism a failed sociological phenomenon?

  1. We can say that about America. In America, the number of immigrants are increasing, and actually they helped the American society.
    You say integration is the key point, but I think it means some people adapt the mainstream situation. What do you think about this point?

    • Thank you a lot for your comment!
      I would go even a step further with the American society.
      Since there was no American nation (besides the Indian tribes) before the various settlers arrived and created it, one could argue that integration is not only the key point but the very beginning of a society.
      To your point about adopting t othe mainstream, what my point was, is that interagtion is and always will be a part of Nation-building, at some stages you have to adapt to integrate, to become part of a society.
      In my opinon this part is the language and the education (objective education, not nationalization).
      This does under no circumstances mean that you should give up on your own culture, Nation-building also means enlargment through multiple cultures.

      Thank you again!

  2. It seems that the you have combined multiculturalism with the development of a country. However, I’m confused about the main claim of you, are you trying to argue that the current multiculturalism policies are not very effective, and a successful ‘integration’ is need to make the positive multicultural society come true?
    In my opinion, there is no doubt that developing a multicultural society will cause kind of shock to the domestic culture, since immigrants are not only taking labor force, but also their culture and living styles to the receiving countries. Though immigrants resource can help developing the society, their cultural power which will influence or even change the local culture should be paid more attention.

    • Hey wang, thank you for your contribution!
      Exactly, you go my one point about the development of a country.
      Just think of Europe 300 to 400 years before, the states like we know them from today were not existing, they were smaller principalities,tribes, etc. with different culture, society or even language. Today they and parts of their culture integrated in the nation states we now right with one foot to the step of a even bigger society, the European Union.
      You may be right about what you are describing as a cultural shock, nevertheless, the state is able to minimize this with proper education let us say in the area of language.
      I do not want to talk about immigrants as a resource, maybe I used the wrong words for this.
      My point with this phrase was to if you want to see immigrants as economical factor, you should also see them as new part of our society.
      Every society is and was and always should be multicultural, we just have to integrate to avoid what chancellor Merkel described as ‘failed utterly’ or what you described as ‘shock to the domestic culture’.

      Thank you again!

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