How could Canadian multiculturalism policy work well compared with the differences between Europe and Canada?

Multiculturalism is the movement or thinking rates coexistence of different culture positively in one society. I think most people associate “multiculturalism” with Canada, United States of America and Europe. These countries are consisted of a lot of kinds of immigrants. The common points are here; absorbing immigrants in order to resolve employment issue.

Looking at France, after the oil shock, they decided not to accept immigrants. Now, they recommend only persons who have skill. Their position is to integrate French and take antiforeignism.There are much issue arising from immigrants. For instance, minority, language, jobs, religion and so on.

The reason why immigrants have increased radically is the WWⅡ. After this, each country created the refugees and they spreaded out for Europe. It is said that “Multiculturalism has failed.” Why? Because they try to make one country fuse them together. Another reason was it became clear cultural diffence. The host countries are afraid of being invaded by the immigrants. What do you think?

How about Canada? People who lives in Canada respect their culture or languages everywhere. Canada is two founding people. The languages are English and French. When I go to a store, I often saw two languages description on goods. In past, Canada also used to choose immigrants, only white. Now, Canada accepts all kind of people. They respect their own cultures and use their languages. They accept them to be one of the society member, but it does not seem to integrate one. Isn’t this a different point compared with other coutry? In addition to that, they respect their political leader, too. So we can say the reliance creates comfortable society.

That’s why I think it is necessary to understand other culture in order to succeed in an immigration country.


by Rie Murata

2 thoughts on “How could Canadian multiculturalism policy work well compared with the differences between Europe and Canada?

  1. I think people need to understand other culture in an immigration country, too.
    However, “What’s Identity of Canadian?”, ” Who is Canadian?”
    Some of them speak English and some speak French, but they are all Canadian?
    I think this is difficult point in multiculturalism.

    Thank you for your blog.

    • Yes, it must be necessary for coexistance.
      I think that Canadian identity comes from their conciousness. It depends on their thought. It doesn’t matter whether French or English, I think. I assume that they feel like one belongs not old country.

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