Racial discrimination against Korean in Japan

I’d like to write my opinion why Korean living in Japan was harshly discriminated based on my father’s experience.

My father is Korean with permanent residence in Japan, and so I’m ‘Hafu’ having Japanese nationality. My parents have been hidden the fact that my father is Korean until I discovered his passport when I was about fourteen. Recently my father and his brothers

sometimes start to talk about the story at the time Korean discrimination often occurred which is unimaginably cruel. The reason why they’ve been hidden the fact is that they were afraid of me talking about Korean and being bullied by Japanese. In any case, I’ve never been bullied because of what I am. Even though I was told earlier about my father’s nationality, my ‘Japanese’ friends also knew it, they would never bully me. How and why should I be bullied due to it?

There is not much appearance different between Japanese and Korean. Moreover my father including me cannot speak Korean at all. In my opinion, the reason of the discrimination is the historical problems between these two countries. The hostility between Korean living in Japan and Japanese has been handed down from generation to generation. In fact, I cannot deny that my father doesn’t have good intentions to Japanese. Some Japanese elders may also have the feeling that Korean living in Japan is inferior, because most of them were forced to come to Japan to work by Japanese. But in my or our generation, I think that none of us has hostility each other at all.

In today’s Japanese society, I think more and more Japanese people tend to have good intentions to Korea. Korean thrives in Japanese show business, and both Japanese and Korean travel often each country than before. And I consider or hope that oppositions between Japanese and Korean come to the end in our generation

by Masahiro Hatoyama

2 thoughts on “Racial discrimination against Korean in Japan

  1. I think we, young people,don’t know the story like your father well.
    In fact I had never known the story of “hafu” parson’s childhood like you, before.
    Your father doesn’t experience any discrimination now?
    As you said, it is sure that the there is being no discrimination for Korean people in Japan.
    (Also I have some Korean friends!!)

    However, we should not forget the fact that there was discrimination for Korean people in Japan.
    I think we should learn our history more.
    Because as I said first, we don’t know the story like you told well.
    But these story is surprisingly close to us I think.
    (Maybe some of my friends have the background like you, just I don’t know…)
    Reading your blog is good chance for me to think about prejudice we have and we had.

    Thank you for your blog post!


    • I had never know the story of “hafu” parson’s childhood, like you,before. i’m hafu and in my childhood, there was no discrimination to Korean any more. but in my father’s childhood it was terrible that might make you confused i think…

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